The Junkyard: A series of inferences and constructions

Found objects, photographs, text.
Dimensions Variable

The Junkyard: A series of inferences and constructions is an exploration of objects, private spaces, and the identities of strangers. This installation consists of contextual photographs, narrative text, and relic objects. Every piece reveals the process of discovery of a separate car in the junkyard. The objects, text, and photographs of each work, in combination, allows for individual interpretations and constructions of the owners and passengers. The objects and photographs were selected from a larger collection of findings from a vehicle because of their ability to communicate the complexity and intensity of human experience.

An animal resting or passing by leaves crushed grass, footprints, and perhaps droppings, but a human occupying a room for one night prints his character, his biography, his recent history, and sometimes his future plans and hopes. I further believe that personality seeps into walls and is slowly released… I could feel that recently departed guest in the bits and pieces of himself he had left behind.
— John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley