Upcoming Exhibition: To See from Somewhere / by ariel wilson

Ariel C. Wilson_To See from Somewhere_Poster.jpg

To See from Somewhere is an MFA Thesis exhibition by Ariel C. Wilson, consisting of installation and sculptural photographs. The pieces within this body of work all investigate the experience of vision as unfixed or fluid, and malleable at best. Some change based on the position from which they are seen and lit while others physically test the limitations of human vision to perceive difference, in value or reflectivity. Wilson plays with assumptions of the photograph, it’s two-dimensionality, and the object as separate from the light and space in which it is viewed. She finds herself drawn to materials that evoke in her an experience of wonder through their dynamic and mesmerizing interaction with light.

While physically examining assumptions of vision, photography, and the institution of the gallery, Wilson simultaneously seeks to understand and deconstruct systems of inequity that go unquestioned when institutionalized, or that become “invisible” to those in positions of privilege.

Exhibition Dates:
May 11 - May 24, 2018

Gallery Talk:
Friday, May 18, 4pm

Friday, May 18, 5-8pm

CFA Downtown Studio
113 4th St. NW
Albuquerque, NM